All types of Odoo services from a certified partner

What is Odoo ERP Software

Odoo is software for automating your business processes. OpenERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) in the modern world is an indispensable tool and assistant in the process of business functioning. Odoo ERP is suitable for both large enterprises and small and medium businesses. The software includes full functionality that will cover all the needs of large enterprises with a full cycle of a complex production process, and you can use only a part of the functionality for small businesses. Odoo applications are open source and flexible and easy to customize for any task.

Who Needs Odoo Software

Often you use many different services and applications on different platforms to complete your tasks. This is inconvenient, inefficient, and leads to loss of time, money, and errors. Odoo brings together all the functionality you might need in your work, from invoice generation to resource planning for a large manufacturing enterprise.

Someone in 2023 still runs their business in Excel, but technology is rapidly advancing, and often inattention to this leads to problems in business growth. Take one hour of your time to understand the possibilities of modern software and this investment of your time will return to you with a profit. Order a demo demonstration of the Odoo functionality – it’s free.

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All Our Odoo Services

Odoo Implementation Service

Odoo Implementation

We will comprehensively implement Odoo software in your business, automate all processes and provide you with a finished product, ready for use in all areas of your enterprise.

Odoo Development

Our developers will help you create applications, modules, and new functionality for your software. We will develop any system functionality from the beginning or modify existing software.

Odoo Customization Service

Odoo Customization

Our experts will be able to customize your system to any requirements for it. The Odoo system has wide flexible functionality that allows you to configure and implement any business processes in it.

Odoo Integration Service

Odoo Integration

We will integrate Odoo with any Odoo modules, and with third party software, services and modules. We synchronize data exchange and processes between applications, data stores and devices.

Odoo Integration Service
Odoo Hosting Service

Odoo Hosting

We will host your Odoo configuration on our server and make sure all processes run smoothly. We will set up the best software performance and provide convenient access. On our server, your database will be securely protected.

Odoo Training Service

Odoo Training

Our instructors will help you and your team quickly and correctly understand how the Odoo architecture works, and start using the software effectively within your business processes.

Odoo Training Service
Odoo Consulting Service

Odoo Consulting

Our consultants have extensive experience in implementing Odoo in many business areas and a range of business processes. They will help you in any situation when you need the help of an expert.

Have questions? Ask them and get a free consultation from our experts!

Our Benefits

Profitable price

Low cost of work and saving your budget. We have organized a distributed team from different regions, thanks to which we can adjust the budget within the limits available to you.

Quality result guarantee

Our team consists of only certified specialists with experience in many implemented projects of varying complexity and in different industries. We can integrate into the project at any stage, offer our expert vision or implement and test yours.

Сomfortable communication

All members of our team work with your project in the time zone and time ranges that are convenient for you. Key participants in the process are in touch with you 24/7. We are flexible in your deadlines and work and project planning.

Our Engagement Models

Odoo Customization Cost

Pay-by-Hour Odoo Services

You can cooperate with us on the system of hourly payment of a specialist. The number of hours of work will be agreed in advance, or you will receive an invoice based on the completion of your task.


  • Dedicated team or individual specialist
  • Flexible pricing
  • Improvements of any complexity
Odoo Customization Price

Flat Rate Pay

You pay a fixed price for a certain service, for example, the integration of a typical Odoo with any application, or connection of a new module. You can choose a service in the price list or check with the manager.


  • Useful for typical types of services
  • Quick start work
  • Large selection of experts





KoderShop is an official partner of Odoo, which has a very large competence in all areas of Odoo’s services. We have extensive experience in all types of work with Odoo, from business analysis and implementation to user training. Our offices are located in Canada, USA, and Europe. Our employees are ready to quickly connect to your tasks, both online and offline.

I am the CEO at YarDrive, I had the task of implementing the back end and the structure of my service, thanks to the KoderShop team, all the planned functionality of our service was created, tested and launched. Team of professionals.

Omari Whyte

"YarDrive", CEO

A team of professionals who did their part of the work on the project within the deadlines and budget. A qualified approach, which included not only the work performed, but also an expert vision of the nuances of architecture.
James Harris


Kodershop team developed for us unique planning sales and orders registration module. We were very satisfied with the team’s industry knowledge and developed solution. We highly recommend this company as reliable and long term partner.

Mark Wilson

"Metro Cash&Carry"

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