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Manage your property online with top software which will free up your time and make your business more efficient

Best Software for Property Management

All business in the world is moving online and modern property management is following the same path. By automating processes with the help of top property management software, you can be more efficient, it will save you time and finances, provide convenient analytics, help with a quick search for tenants and comfortable communication with them. We have created modern software that helps to quickly and easily solve all the tasks of a property manager and is available to everyone.

Features of Rental Property Management Software

Automated Accounting

By consolidating all banking transactions in one application, you simplify control over them and make your accounting more convenient. Everything is easily accessible – taxes and reporting, transactions, automatic reconciliation of accounts and much more will give you confidence in the reliability and correctness of financial accounting and free up your time.

Teenant Screening

Tenant Screening

The ability to fully scan and verify the tenant, which will protect you from unsuccessful deals. Checking credit history, background, crime, and evictions in one click will help you quickly and objectively make the right decisions and not waste time rejecting unreliable tenants. The application has access to all necessary state and bank registries, and your request remains anonymous.

Teenant Screening
Online Rent Payments

Online Rent Payments

Automated collection and accounting of rent will help you more easily control the process. The extensive functionality of the application allows you to set up automatic payments and payment reminders for the tenant. You will be able to automatically track late payments, calculate percents and limit access to subsequent payments for tenants. One-click invoicing can speed up and simplify this process many times over.

Listing Syndycation

Listing Syndication

Simplify the process of finding tenants with the help of other sites. You can create an ad with your property rental offer and automatically publish it on all advertising platforms that you select in the settings. With the application’s simple and effective marketing functionality, you can create ads all over the web that will help you reach more tenants.

Listing Syndycation
Free Property Website

Your Own Free Property Website

You can automatically create your own website with your property rentals using the application. No need to hire developers and spend money on creation. If you want to make your own changes and customize the website, then the functionality has large and flexible settings and will give you the opportunity to get exactly the final result that you want to see.



With the help of interactive reports you can analyze any area of ​​your business. You can easily make analytics of finances, efficiency, dynamics for any indicators that you choose. Reports have both a standard view and the possibility of multi-level customization and visualization in any form that suits you. Only with regular measurement and monitoring of all areas of your business can you be effective, find growth points and make the right decisions.

Landlord Banking

Landlord Banking 

Make online payments, link your debit and credit cards, create any number of accounts, receive and send payments between any banks and payment systems. It is this convenient functionality created in our application. This will help you make all payment transactions in one place, without additional fees and conversions. No need to switch between services and payment systems, and all payment transactions are made in one click.

Online Lease Signing

Online Lease Signing

You do not need to waste time and paper on the usual signing of lease agreements – in our application they are signed in one click. You can create an automatic electronic signature that has the same legal effect as a regular one. It is safe and secure, all your contracts are stored online and available to you at any time. You can create contract templates and make any changes as needed.

Online Lease Signing

If you are told that there is something that can help you – why not use it? I tried this property management software to free up some of my time and it turned out that it helped me grow my business and increase my profits by 30%.

Jack Gauthier – Property Manager

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Best Property Management Software for Small Business

The main concept of our property management software is intended for small businesses. We created a product for people with a small or medium portfolio and researched their needs, desires, and problems. We have implemented all this in functionality and made it easy property management software, which is affordable for everyone.

Benefits of Small Property Management Software

Easy to Use

We have created really simple property management software for small business. You do not need to understand a lot of unclear functionality that you will not use, we have removed everything superfluous and left only what you need every day.

Order in Business

You and your tenants will not miss the date of payment of the rent, and the application will remind you of the deadlines for you. All business processes will be brought together and it will be easier for you to manage them and analyze the performance of your business.

Frees Up Your Time

With the help of property management software, many processes that required your physical presence or time will now take place online and automatically. Time is the most valuable human resource, delegate to the application what takes it away from you.

Small Landlord Property Management Software

If you have one or more houses or apartments that you rent out and you are looking for property management software for landlords, we have created what you need. We understand all the needs of the landlord and know how to save his time and make his business convenient. No extra functionality, as in large software – only what will help you every day. Everything is simple and affordable!

Simple Interface

Simple Interface

Time Saving

Time Saving

Process Automation__

Process Automation

Saving Money

Saving Money


Support 24/7

How to make a really good product – you need to understand exactly how it should help the business. I have my property that I rent out and I have faced many difficulties in the process in the past. I decided to explore what online tools that could help me, but in each of them something was missing for me. I decided that we can create our product because we know exactly what people need.

Liam Taylor – Kodershop CTO





KoderShop is a team of experienced professionals who specialize in software development for various business sectors. We create software, a tool that helps businesses grow and scale, and people free up their time and simplify and automate their daily processes. Our offices are located in the US, Canada and Europe, and our employees are always ready to help you quickly and complete any task.

I am the CEO at YarDrive, I had the task of implementing the back end and the structure of my service, thanks to the KoderShop team, all the planned functionality of our service was created, tested and launched. Team of professionals.

Omari Whyte

"YarDrive", CEO

A team of professionals who did their part of the work on the project within the deadlines and budget. A qualified approach, which included not only the work performed, but also an expert vision of the nuances of architecture.
James Harris


Kodershop team developed for us unique planning sales and orders registration module. We were very satisfied with the team’s industry knowledge and developed solution. We highly recommend this company as reliable and long term partner.

Mark Wilson

"Metro Cash&Carry"

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