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“Whatever task the client has, we always know what to do”

Over many years of working with inventory automation, our team and I have encountered tasks of varying complexity. Sometimes the simplest standard solution is enough, but sometimes the business and processes are so large and complex that we implement custom solutions. Whatever task the client has, we always know what to do

Mariia Ivaniuk – Head of ERP Department

Main Features of Inventory Software From Kodershop

Real-Time Inventory Management

Operational automated control over inventory status with all the features: serial numbers, lots, packaging, reservation strategies, cycle counting, KPIs, and more

Advanced Replenishment Strategies

Accuracy in inventory calculations and replenishment planning
using the min-max rule method for determining inventory levels, MTO or MPS, and other planning and control functions

Inbound and Outbound Logistics

Convenient control of the automatic supply chain with the configuration of push/pull rules. Built-in GS1 barcode standards and flexible route customization options

Optimization of the Picking Process

Increasing the efficiency of the picking process with the most flexible and automated single, wave, cluster or batch strategies based on the size of your warehouse, products, logistics and tasks

Improvement of Procurement

Smart control of complex logistics routes together with automated control of balances will help simplify the procurement process and make it more efficient

Detailed Traceability

A clear tracking and analysis system will allow you to see and understand the entire chain of interaction with the product, its movement, and user adjustments in real time

Forecasted Report

Plan ahead and understand incoming and outgoing inventory levels with automated real-time transaction analysis. Protect yourself from a lack of planned products in warehouses

Fast Barcode Scanning

Optimized warehouse operations with a barcode scanner that supports any type of equipment. Ability to quickly connect a scanner at any stage of the process

Forecasted Report

Automated management and consolidation of any number of warehouses in one system supports any complexity of inventory organization and makes it possible to easily coordinate between them

Familiar List, Isn’t It?

Everyone who works with inventory management has encountered these problems. We delved into them to provide you with a solution that will help you avoid them and forget them like a nightmare.

Lack of Real-Time Data Updating

The purchase or sale order has already been placed in accounting, but the actual receipt of the goods at the warehouse or its shipment has not yet occurred. A manager or seller is forced to contact the warehouse every time to find out the actual availability and quantity of inventory.

Overstocking or Understocking In the Warehouse

Stock levels are not monitored and not updated online, meaning you end up with an oversupply of some items and a shortage of others. So, in addition to lost sales, the company suffers losses on inventory storage.

Lack of Data On the Location of Stock

The company has a large warehouse or several of them and the goods move inside them and the movement is not recorded, then the employee cannot find the right product quickly and the company loses money on the speed of shipment and the employee’s working time.

Lack of Operational Real-Time Warehouse Reporting

Without up-to-date reports, it is impossible to timely and efficiently analyze warehouse activities, identify bottlenecks and make corrective decisions, which reduces profitability and creates financial and reputational risks.

Our inventory management system easily solves all the above tasks!

Inventory Software Feautures


Real time actual balances: “on hand” and forecast for each item


Controlling stock shortages or surpluses, keeping stock levels optimal for the business.


Reducing the time spent on servicing each customer, increasing the total number of customers served


A flexible system for organising the targeted storage of stock with automatic Putaway rules for routing products


Quick access to stock level data, locations and warehouse operations using a barcode scanner


Automatic generation of orders to suppliers based on customer orders


Up-to-date reports on locations, expiration dates of goods and a complete history of stock movements


Additional points of quality control and order fulfilment through multi-stage receiving and shipping operations

Thanks to inventory automation from Kodershop we got up-to-date, real-time reporting has made it much easier to monitor performance and manage the business.

In just 4 months, we have completely eliminated excess stock, reduced operating costs by 20% and increased sales by almost a third. Customer satisfaction has also increased significantly.

Omari White – CEO YarDrive

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