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Apple Won’t Let Apps in App Store Without API Explanation

Apple has released information that it will be even more thorough in reviewing applications before adding them to the App Store. This time the restrictions will affect the API, and now the developer will have to give detailed explanations of why he wants to use some of them. The changes will take effect in the spring of 2024 and will affect about 30 different APIs.

The changes will apply not only to new applications but also to old ones. Developers of existing applications will have to provide detailed comments, and if Apple is not satisfied with them, then the applications will be disabled. This innovation has already caused concern among developers and companies, but Apple explains this measure by the need to increase user security.

Some APIs will now be called “Required Reason API” and if they were used in the application, the developer will receive a notification from Apple asking them to explain why they used them. The first notifications will start coming in the fall after the release of iOS 17, tvOS 17, watchOS 10, and macOS Sonoma.

Some APIs can collect user data via fingerprints, such as an IP address, browser, screen resolution, and many others. This is what Apple considers a vulnerability, and it is trying to prevent user data from being leaked. However, there are fears that developers will stop publishing their applications. For example, because the restrictions will be applied by the popular UserDefaults API, which has been massively used in application development. Apple says it will provide an opportunity to appeal a decision on rejected apps, but the already hard process of publishing them in the App Store will become even more difficult.