Net Core

.NET Core Technology


What is Net Core? Is a progressive application development technology. To analyze NET Core technology, you need to understand what this technology is needed to understand what it is and define it.

Net Core Framework is a new branch in the development of the platform .Net which makes it possible to use applications in other operating systems originally developed for Windows. Nowadays, the concepts of Net Core are often not separated .Net Framework, these are synonyms. This technology solves one of the most difficult problems in terms of development: moving away from the dependence of the software part on the architecture, operating system, libraries, etc.

Beginning of NET Core

The first and most successful opportunity to unify the software environment in the Windows operating system family was the platform .Net the development of which was still carried out at the beginning of the XXI century. The main idea of this technology, as the foundation for Net Core, was to knead a certain layer between the operating system and the application, allowing you to adapt the requests of the operating system to the software and back, acting as a kind of unified translator.

It is also necessary to clarify that this development has become not only successful but also open code, which contributed to making this product very popular and rapidly developing. In 2014, an independent organization was established: .NET Foundation, and all the platform code was posted publicly on Git. Since 2016, development has only been accelerating, at the moment more than 10 new versions have already been released.

Net Core Architecture

The fundamental parent of Net Core is the DotNet Framework, despite this, despite the fact that the functionality was inherited, it has been greatly improved. The main innovations in this system are the use of cloud technologies, additional functionality for modularity, and cross-platform. Modularity in this case plays a very important role in the decentralization of updates: each of the components is updated through a different manager, which in turn allows each module to be updated separately, without depending on other modules or on the platform as a whole.

Current status of Net Core

At the moment, Net Core has the ability to work in 3 major operating systems and in most of their heirs. This is Windows, Linux, and what is especially interesting: Mac OS.

However, it should be had in mind that at the moment it has not been possible to get absolute compatibility. For example – the possibility of using Windows Forms has not yet been implemented. Also needs to be clarified that all platforms inherited from .Net Framework have the ability to use common code.



All structured data is stored as text and numeric values. Usually, CVS and XML formats are used for this. The format is predefined in the data model.

Unstructured data is presented in native formats. These are MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, etc. for audio, JPG, PNG, TIFF, etc. for images, PDF, DOCX, TXT for any writings and e-mails, post and comments and other formats.